Made of high quality Spanish almond, They are ideal as decorative elements in pastries and confectionery.


These are the recommendations of Bioalmond:


Organic Spanish almond flour

Organic Spanish almond oil

Organic Spanish almond diced

Organic Spanish almond sliced







Due to the production of organic almond is increasing its relevance more and more, the demand of this special kind of almond is greater everyday. This type of almond is different because of the absence of chemicals in the cultivation process, being less and less aggressive with the soils and crops and more environmentally friendly.


Bioalmond recommend guaranteed organic almonds in different formats: with skin, blanched, diced, slices and flour. We also suggest organic almond fried with organic oil, with or without organic salt. To certify that the almond is 100% organic, the CAE is in charge of comprehensively controlling the processes of cultivation, harvesting, marketing and shelling.


We always choose Spanish almond, richer in vegetable oil and with greater flavor than American or Australian, ideal for cooking and making sweets. In Spain, the areas that produce the best organic almonds, in our opinion, are Extremadura and Aragón,


These are the recommendations of Bioalmond:


Organic Spanish bio almond

Organic Spanish bio almond - blanched

Organic Spanish bio almond toasted and without salt