BioAlmond is a team of professionals that has been testing and marketing organic products since 2015, especially almonds. Our aim is to recommend the best product from our experiences and knowledge of the market. Organic production responds to the demand for natural and healthy foods, although the advantages of these foods are little known:

  • Does not contain pesticides
  • The land is fertilized naturally
  • Products are richer in nutrients
  • They have antioxidant effects
  • Remember flavors of yesteryear
  • Less additives
  • Less pollution of aquifers
  • Lower COemission on farms
  • Closeness and local development
  • Respect for animals

Organic farming is looking for a fresh, seasonal product, without any chemical treatment that is as natural as possible. Therefore, the quality of organic products may be above conventional products, having an authentic flavor, explained by their production in a natural way.